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Valentine's day is bunk

Valentine’s Day is bunk. It’s a holiday that’s been twisted into a day for people to spend money better suited for more important things. I have never been interested in the holiday, outside of pleasing others for the sake of getting something I wanted. Then, I met you.

Love does not need a holiday to act, but it may need some coaxing to remember. I know that is true for me. I have taken love as a given, as simply a function of the rings that bind us. But love is not that. Love is an action. Love is a flower that requires the consistent application of nutrients to bloom. Talks, hugs, verbal confirmations of its existence are all needed for it to bloom. I need Valentine’s day.

I refuse to lose you to negligence. I refuse to let our love wither due to the misguided idea that duty forces our love to exist. Promises can be broken. Duty can be shrugged aside. But, our marriage is a duty I cherish. I want our love to forever bloom. And still, I need a reminder.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is bunk. It is indeed a holiday for rampant consumerism in lieu of the heartfelt commitment a relationship requires. But for me, it is a reminder of why I took a knee and asked for your hand in marriage. Valentine’s Day reminds me of just how much you mean to me. I need this holiday because I need you. You are the one who holds my heart and I want you to never let it, or me, go.

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