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4 Science Fiction Ideas that have Become Reality

We’ve all experienced the wonder of a good science fiction story. From television to movies to books, science fiction is the stuff of dreams and wondrous imaginings. But, there are things about science fiction that are more than just fun story-telling. Here are four super nutty sci fi idea that have actually become real life facts.

2 – Scientist create artificial womb

Get ready to resist the robot overlords. The Matrix (sci-fi again) has set the stage for a real womb-like system to be created. Hitting the big-screen way back in 1999, the Matrix showed us a world where humans were stored in an artificial womb and used as batteries. Today, those wombs are a no longer fiction. How long will it be before virtual reality is indistinguishable from the real world and completes the danger of Matrix-reality?

But, I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if we can have information downloaded straight into our brains. I'd love to learn kung-fu.

3 – Ion drives are now a reality

In Star Wars, the imperial TIE fighters are propelled by ion engines. While you won’t be commuting in cars with ion drives anytime soon, scientist are already testing unmanned spacecraft using the formally fictional technology. Going to different planets will no longer be a decade long process. Commuting to Mars on a shuttle.. it could happen.

4 – Smartphone tattoos

Motorola has teamed up with a company called VivaLnk to make a temporary tattoo that can unlock a smartphone, no PIN required. Slap it on your skin, hold your phone up to it, and bam — phone unlocked.

Mark of the beast anyone? Wait, does that mean the Bible may have some science fiction in it as well?

5 – Mind-controlled synthetic legs

Bionic man, here we come! An Icelandic orthopedics company has unveiled its mind-controlled prosthetic leg. In a small trial of the new system, researchers demonstrated that patients could control the robotic foot just like healthy people, simply by thinking about it.

Many blessings! And remember, NO EXCUSES. JUST WRITE.

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