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The Great Witch

Rise of the Apocalypse
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Harule Stokes

Growing up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY, Harule Stokes has seen his share of violence and drug abuse. But, armed with the knowledge of his elders, a faithful father and a strong spiritual base, Harule was able to make his way out of an assuredly dark existence and into a life of positive possibilities.

Today, married to his wonderful wife and supported by close friends, Harule is not only able to draw upon his past but to also add a new way of thinking that's both positive and uplifting. What you'll find in his work, is a wonderfully vibrant reflection of the beauty and tragedy of his youth.

My Books


Fallen Sun

The Cost of Power

My Books

Harule’s first novel was SECTORS in which he combined a rather unusual state of science fiction and fantasy with some redeeming qualities of spiritualism. He created dysfunctional worlds ruled by disparate types of creatures/people. He continues that in this novel FALLEN SUN. His ability to painting broad canvases of dystopian grandeur ranks with the best sci-fi writers...


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